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RLM 74/75/76 Camo - RLM 02 mottling?


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Would that fit Fw 190S' also?

some Don, really it depends when.

RLM 02 and RLM 70 could both be seen in mottle, this very famous pic is an excellent example

Messerschmitt%2BBf%2B109%2BG%2B%2527Whitstandard 74/75 uppers, 76 underside, sides 76, with 74/75 mottle (compare wing colours), but look at lead hanging down, either side there is a yellow-grey, which is 02, note engine bearers are same colour, and a dark green, which is 70, as are the prop blades.

Though as with anything Luftwaffe colour wise, there are many variations, so try to work from a photo. Obviously in B/W it's harder to make out,

this Bf110 looks to be just 74/75/76 though


this 109 looks to be the same, 74/75/76


the famous white 11 looks also to be 74/75/76 only



more here https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Fw-190A/JG4.html


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Yeah, thanks Troy, this helps me too. I do have a question: what type of paint scheme did the aircraft arrive in when sent to operational bases? And, was the mottling added once at their base of operations.


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Each factory had a slightly different paint pattern that they applied, for instance it's a fair bet to say that the first 109 in Troy's photos above is an ERLA built 109 due to the pattern of the mottling and the 'fir tree' pattern on the wings. The factory applied finishes also changed over the years but during the middle years of the war most factories applied some form of mottling during the painting process (to 109s at any rate).

My advice would be to do a bit of research on the aircraft in question, if there is a decal option then, most likely, there are photos of that aircraft out there. Be aware that the decal manufacturers don't always get it right as they have to interpret black and white photos just like the rest of us so quite often you will find more than one colour profile for any given photo.

Duncan B

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