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"BigAssBird" 513th "Rocket Squadron" Finished!

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Here I am ,

ready to start my first GB

I'd like to build this kit in "BigAss Bird" colors.

I read that this squadron was the first to use rockets (5" HVAR) in combat with very good result.

So I want to add a couple of rockets under each wing.

Could somebody help me with a picture showing how and where to stick these rockets ??

Here are the box pictures






Thanks for you help


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Hi there Slow, welcome aboard to your first GB and a nice model you have brought along as well.

There are a couple of of other Academy models being built so you'll be able to pick up so good tips along the way.

I have found a few links showing the fitment of 5" HVAR rockets on P-47's, all models had pretty much the same fitment;


(gotta love the rocket launcher fitted to the tail of a B-24...bottom photos!!)



this last one does mention the use of these rockets but they were'n't common, but the fitment is correct, two inside the bomb mount and three outside.

Hopefully this is of some help, you may need to do a wee bit more looking on the web.

Anyway, good luck with the build, hope it's an enjoyable one and I look forward to seeing her in the gallery.

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Thanks Rich and Hosbabon,

now I've finished the engine straight from academy box, with wireplug added.


Next step is to rivet all the kit,

I don't know if it's a good idea ,

but I'm curios to see it done


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It's really coming along well . The engine - very impressive.

Be prepred to be let down by the quality of the kit decals. I hope I'm wrong, but i've built 3 Academy kits, all of the decals were extremely difficult to work with, one set was un-usable.

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Thanks Hosbabon and Rich B,

unfortunately I have no good experience with academy decal in F-14 1/48 kit,

so I'm looking for aftermarket decal for my BigAssBird.

Sorry Rich for misunderstanding, you are on right , is not my first model.

I start modelling about ten years ago when (after a car accident) a friend of mine taught me how to hold an airbrush with my hands.

But I'm sure this is my first GB.

Finally I finished riveting the Jug,





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very nicely done!!

I really don't have the patience for doing rivets, just doing/re-doing panels lines is bad enough!

I'm dying to see what she looks like with a coat of paint on.

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Many thanks Rich and Arniec,

now finally completely painted with alclad chrome,

this is the result


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Thanks for your comments,

I used gray primer and honey base (transparent).

Then was time for alclad, and I tried to use different hi-shine .

Chrome for lexan the engine cowl,

polished aluminiun for wings

and chrome for fuselage.

I love alclad,

I think alclad is a wonder, very simple to use and very nice to see.

I hope not to damage this beauty with my hands.

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Thanks Rich and Cookie !!!

Now I'm trying to apply the decals.

But I have just verified that the red nose is impossible to reply with decals.

So again with mask and airbrush to do it !!!!!


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