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Eduard Su-27UB Flanker Ltd Ed 1/48

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HI all, finished this a while ago but never got round to sharing pics, Hope you all like, all comments welcome and appreciated. Must say was quite a build. First time working with so much PE, not all made it onto finished model. Im very happy with with it all turned out tho. Enjoy :)










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nice flanker!

And very interesting and eye catching scheme too! - is it based on a real-world flanker scheme?

which paints did you use?

Thanks for all the comments guys, much appreciated. I used Mr Hobby paints for this and yes, for those who havnt seen one of these beauties before. This is the Kazakhstan colour scheme as per the kit box art. Thought is was just too cool a scheme not too do. Must say, doing the paint job itself was tricky, but I got there in the end.

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Very nice work.

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looks flawless! (apart from the lighting ;), sorry!)

one of the most attractive and colorful in service Flankers! :) :)

well done!

Many thanks!

I agree, should have sorted lighting a bit better before taking shots. Might make a point of doing this weekend and adding additional pics!

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