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Deadman Disciple

1313 Mockingbird Lane

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The 1313 Mockingbird Lane (Munster House) diorama is all done.

I finally started on the garden, with the green grass powder from the scenarama kit I bought.

Having to resort to mixing Micro Crystal Clear with water, as the project glue had dried inside the bottle to a silicon sealant consistency & I couldnt get it to re-melt.

Using the empty spray bottle that I got with the kit, I sprayed my solution onto the wooden base & sprinkled the grass powder on top with my fingers & thumb all over, then re-spraying the solution on top of the grass, I left it 24 hours to dry.

Thinking it wouldnt work, the next day my fears had dissapated the grass had dried to a sandpaper like feel, so I started on the other side of the front garden & around the back.

Once everything had dried, I removed the masking tape (for where I was going to place the trees & walls) & placed the completed trees & glued them into place with super glue.

A couple of days before, I used some modelling putty & put some around the base of each tree & kneaded it into some grease-proof paper to create a flat-base root type shape.

Leaving the putty to dry for 24 hours, the trees were now free-standing.

Topping up around the roots of the trees with a little more grass powder, I started on the walls & metal fences.

Humbrol 26 Brown & 9 Tan Brown for the walls & Revell 36190 Silver for the metal fences, I also glued those into place onto the wooden base.

Also I had to cut the gate in half, but using a spare bit of another piece of the fencing, I clipped off one rod & glued it to repair the other half of the gate, to make it complete.

Picking up a tip using Google, I used 4 different types of herbal tea leaves to re-create the fallen dead leaves from the tree around the base of the tree.

Simply mixing Camomile, Lemon & Ginger, Blackcurrant, Raspberry (IIRC) & some normal tea leaves into a shot glass & scattering them around the base of each tree, using the clear solution, I think it has made a great effect with the various colors.

Finishing off the base with some Revell 36179 Greyish Blue, to re-create a pavement, I started on the finishing touches of the house.

I washed the hell out of the house with some Citadel Agrax Earthshade & glueing on the weather vane, TV aerial, chimney pot & spire top.

Im really chuffed on how this has turned out, not bad for my first attempt at a diorama.



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Loved watching the Munsters. Grandpa was my favourite and Yvonne Di Carlo was lovely

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Very nicely done, looks absolutely great.

All the best Chris

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