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V-P Fin(n)ishes a pair of Bf 109:s


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WARNING! These pictures aren´t for serious modellers. I´m not one of those to turn a sow´s ear into a silk purse. If a kit is mediocre/bad/basic, it´s even more that after I´ve handled it. But I try to have fun. Thanks to good people at Britmodeller, I´m not ashamed to show distant glimpses of my work, even if results by kids under ten years look better :-)

For Christmas 2012 my mother bought me an Airfix Bf 109 G-6 kit I had hoped for. She thought that was nice, especially because I was already 44 years old back then. I assembled it quickly, like I used to do back when she bought me kits last time - over 30 years ago! There was the first Bf 109 STGB going on and though the Airfix kit was even more disappointing than I had thought, I decided to use it to practise mottling before I paint the ancient Heller kit for the STGB. So this kit sat on the shelf of doom since that. The next summer I visited an aviation museum and walked away with a Hobby Boss Bf 109 G-6 kit, just out of curiosity and to support the museum shop. That was used to try the "new" Humbrol RLM enamels. Comparing those two, without any stickers, made me want to repaint the Airfix one before adding decals.

Quite early on I decided to dress them as the two G-8 versions we ever had. The MT-462 served for a week without repainting to Finnish colours, with vääpeli Nils Katajainen scoring several victories with it. Then Nisse made a crash landing that forced the plane to go through heavy repair and when it was completed, it was time to paint it in post war colours. The MT-483 was quite quickly repainted and took part in several sorties but wasn´t scored anything with. The InScale72 decals had numbers for this plane. I used Airfix German crosses and HB swastikas for MT-462, for both HB and Italeri stencils - very little of them, in fact!

Both planes were photographed by Finnish Defence Forces:

Here´s the MT-462


And the MT-483


Right. I don´t have a picture of the "MT-462" before I started to repaint her, here the light blue is already done:


Here they are, repainted, waiting for decals:


And here they are, finished! Funny what difference a few printed stickers do.


I´m very happy these are done. These kits - never again! Regards, V-P

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