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Infantry Tank Mk.III, Valentine Mk.I - MiniArt 35116

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Infantry Tank Mk.III, Valentine Mk.I

MiniArt 35116

The first model of the Valentine (350 were built), it was not sent out due to problems from rushed production.

The tank had a riveted hull, was powered by AEC A189 135 hp petrol engine and equipped with a 2-pdr. gun and a coaxial Besa machine gun.

Its two-man turret forced the commander to also act as the gun-loader. (Wiki)

Need to start another build today, it's Build Club and I can't get at my paint gear for another few days so....


Workspace ready - it's 1:15pm and I'm waiting for the guys to arrive shortly..... I was going to do the Austin Tilly but?


So, here we go! And kicking off with the Drivers compartment which held no scary parts, only basic clean-up.


This kit come with the Transmission and Radiarors so a little extra work can be added, fiddly but not difficult.


Constantly test fitting parts and this construction to the hull to ensure it all has a snug fit.

The radiator fit is delicate.


Time will-out if this part of the build fits well into the body of the vehicle as the upper hull is slightly warped.

However, It can be fixed.


This is my 3rd MIB Build and 4th this year.

Unfortunately, due to domestic issues I can't get at any of my painting kit for at least a week and I can't go a whole week without 'getting a fix'.

I shall see how far I get as this coming week, for me, will be a very busy one.

Next Time: The Running Gear and perhaps the Indy-Track

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Bit more detailed than mine innit! :winkgrin:

I don't suppose the big fuel tank for the left fender is included in this kit is it.....If so is there any chance you could measure it for me? :hmmm:

Here you go Sarge

Here are the dimensions of the Auxilliary Fuel Drum in mm with as much basic detail as I can


This picture (not great, sorry) shows the end plate of the Auxiliary Fuel Drum and is shown pointed part to the bottom


Some nice detail inside this one, be a shame to close it all away from sight. Are you using the included figures as well?

The Transmission detail is a 'nice to have' but may prove problematic later on which is why I won't glue it it yet. I need to ensure the upper hull will fit properly and currently it is slightly warped which brings it's own issues - we'll see!

Not sure yet about the figures Col, I may do but I have a huge build following this one for the Russian Wheels & Tracks SiG so may not have the time.

It's possible that I may get to the figures at a later date.

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Running Gear

Not that much movement today so far

Rear hull plates A6 (the angled plate) & A5 (mis-labelled as A6 in section 14)

Nice snug fit too!


Main Drice sprockets assembled and rear hull plate is actually part A5

Also made sure the Transmission pack still fits


Right side bogies fitted, manipulation of parts B5 is needed for a good fit

The Pink 'Ultra Quick' bottle in the background is Nailene Acrylic Nail Glue from the cosmetics rack at my local ASDA (It's CA Glue) - about £3 and it comes with a brush applicator


The bogies do rock back & fore and the small part B11 which holds the 2 smaller roadwheels is not yet fixed in place

Next Time: Remaining Running Gear & Indy Track

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I almost wish I wasn't seeing this.....Because now I not only know that my Bishop is missing quite a few rivets, but exaxtly how many and where! :doh:

Coming along very nicely and really does look a good kit....Is all that gubbins interfering with the fit at all? :hmmm:

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Running Gear (2), Upper Hull & Turret

The Road-Wheels (tyre section) does need some sanding down on the inside.


A change of direction and moving on to the turret with the detailed gun.


Numbering some 21 parts, this is a very detailed unit which is largely unseen.

(Apologies for the poor picture quality)


The Hull top has been tightly taped down when adding detail due to the warped part.


Front fittings being added with a decision on the Drivers compartment pending, the finer parts will come later.


Stowage Bins and Engine Vents (work needed on raised injector marks on underside) added.


At least the hull is sitting well and, in general, it is going together very well. Looks worse than it is!

The Turret roof is incomplete and not yet glued.


A Review so far......

  • The plastic is very soft.
  • A lot of parts need cleaning up.
  • Some of the 'fit' of parts is problematic, but not insurmountable
  • Some use of filler is neccessary but not excessive

Next Time: More fixtures and fittings and to start assembling part of the track

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