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Bell P-39 Airacobra / P-63 Kingcobra STGB Chat

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Well I've had a idea for this GB for a little while but I have been more keen since I acquired Eduard's lovely P-39 Dual Combo pack.


It was a very interesting and innovative aircraft for it's time and was really liked (the Soviets loved them) or hated. It was pretty useless above 17,000 ft but devastating at lower altitudes when in use by the Soviets.

Nearly 10,000 were produced and was used by 8 different countries during and after the war.


I would also like to include the P-63 Kingcobra in this build as well although very similar they didn't share any components, but it is really the ultimate expression of the P-39 design. They built 3,300 of them and they were used by 4 countries, though the majority were used by the Soviets even to the early 50's (they were even given a NATO code name "Fred")


There was a Navy tail sitting prototype, Airbonita as well as a couple of swept wing prototypes as well.


For me if this gets up of course i'll be building a RAAF one. :D


ok, I'd better start a list....

1, trickyrich - host

2, SleeperService

3, vppelt68 - co-host

4, Arniec

5, old thumber

6, Stew Dapple

7, S48

8, Knight_Flyer

9, Joss

10, zegeye

11, Ronan71

12, dazdot

13, MadNurseGaz

14, gingerbob

15, Caerbannog

16, EricP

17, franky boy

18, modelling minion

19, John Thompson


21, Basilisk

22, Avereda

23, TonyTiger66

24, Thud4444

25, rob85

26, Corsairfoxfouruncle

27, Antonie

28, Wellzy



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Yes I´m in! May I volunteer as a co-host too? I can personally buy and give a fresh copy of this Finnish comic book called Punainen Kobra (Krasnaja Kobra, Red Cobra) as a prize to the best build of this STGB. Regards, V-P


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Hmmmm You have done it again!!!! It's still Januari 2016 and for 2017 I already have 4 GB's. and 3 are from your hand. :poo:

Please stop doing that. :shutup:

O, by the way I am in!!!!! :banghead::banghead: :banghead:


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Dare I suggest that I'll do an L-39, that swept-wing P-63 that Rich mentioned earlier? Even if not, some member of the family...


ok you're on! :D

The L-39 was a very interesting aircraft and it would be nice to see one built, plus there were quite a few different configurations for the two aircraft used.

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I'll be keeping it simple by doing the initial configuration- that is, before the stretch. Not only simpler, but I think it looks cool (ever since I first saw a photo in a book, WAY back when), while the stretch is just ugly. I've been meaning to do this one for a while, and have the kit and a moderate amount of data. But if there's someone here who has the last word on the L-39s, please contact me!


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strangely enough I've just bought a 1/72nd CMK version, the early type with three bladed prop......and it's RESIN!

didn't think anyone made a conversion kit let alone a model......it does look super cool.

So this maybe a second build....if I can wait that long!

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we're over halfway so hopefully!

plus Enzo mentioned that he will not be looking at STGB scheduling for 2018 till the end of the year. So in the meantime if we can poke and prod a few more members to join up.......

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Count me in too! I happen to have the Planet Models 1/72 Airabonita kit, but I can do a racer too (Accurate Miniatures), or the old MPM KingCobra (need to find a replacement canopy, the vacform ones in the kit are amber in color due to age).

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