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Starling Models now stocking Orange Hobby resin kits and accessories

Mike McCabe

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I'm very pleased to say that Starling Models is now stocking fine kits and accessories from Orange Hobby. If you don't know this company, they mainly produce kits of modern subjects in both 1:700 and 1:350 which are of very high quality at a reasonable price.

Some highlights of the newly arrived order include -

HMS Hermes 1982
HMS Victorious 1966
DKM Graf Zeppelin
HMAS Canberra
HMS Cornwall & Cambletown Type 22 destroyers
USS Newport LST
HMS Ocean

Knox class frigate
Tarantul class corvette
Visby class corvette

Plus lots of weapon and aircraft accessory packs.

All are in limited quantities so get them while you can, they are in the shop now.



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In case you aren't aware of Orange Hobbies kits, here is a review of their HMS Hermes kit.


and another unfortunately without photos any more on this site.



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