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AFV Club Sho't Kal (Centurion) IDF, 1973 1/35

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Here's one of my rather rare builts of 1/35th scale military vehicles. In this case AFV Club's Sho't Kal, which is basically a british Centurion - amongst other things upgraded with an American Teledyne Continental Diesel engine that provided the tank with more than twice the range of the original petrol powered Centurions with their Meteor engines. All IDF Sho't tanks were upgraded from the Sho't Meteor to the Kal.

Besides better range and reliabilty, the Continental engine was the same as used in the Magach (M48/60), also a major MBT of the Israeli Defense Force back in the late sixties and Seventies - with obvious advantages.

Because of the kit's workable suspension I bought AFV's workable track links which are fine but do not hold together all that well. I think Friul tracks would have been the better choice. Other extras are the mantlet cover (AFV) and the commander figure (Legend)


There's some strange lighting here - the turret is of course the same color as the rest.

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The Diorama/Vignette is supposed to show this Sho't Kal at the beginning of the Yom Kippur war in October 1973 on the Golan heights, when approximately 1400 Syrian T-55s (+T-54 and T-62's) attacked the Israeli positions along the 'purple line' (marking Israeli-occupied ground there on the Golan).

Hence may be the rather astonished expression on the commander's face - the IDF only had 177 Sho't tanks to engage the syrian onslaught in the first few days.


I used Ammo mig MIG-067 (IDF Sand Grey 1973) to paint the tank plus various pastels for weathering. The ground is Lifecolor's 'Golan Earth', also a pastel powder.

When I bought the kit I was happy with the rubber tires provided - but only until I found out that the rubber rings also form part of the wheels themselves. Not a nice thing to paint...

I recommend some decent resin replacement road wheels.

In order to put some pressure on the suspension I loaded the tank with some heavy iron weights - this worked quite well as the tracks now followed the moderate ground curves.

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In the desperate and brutal fighting that followed, the IDF managed to inflict such heavy casualties that the Syrian army finally withdrew from the Golan Heights - and left ca. 900 tanks there, either destroyed, damaged or intact, but abandoned anyway.

The IDF lost virtually all of the 177 Sho't tanks, but may be quite a number was not beyond repair and finally was recovered and repaired. The large amount of captured Syrian armour enabled the IDF to put a lot of them into their own service - either as the 'Tiran' MBT oder later converted to an APC - the Achzarit. Mainly T-55.


The equipment on the tank comes from a Verlinden box with IDF accessories. The goat (very soon to depart the Golan for a quieter place) I received from a member of our local model club and I have forgotten who makes them (There was a cow included as well which he kept). I painted the goat in Humbrol glossy White and while this was still wet and sticky, I sieved some very fine Viscose fibers all over it and later sprayed the brown areas. Looks quite convincing to me.

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Looks to be a great build as is the photography.

My only peeve is the individual posting of each photograph ... though an ingenious method of garnering an optimum number of posts and likes from one completed build :coolio:



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