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Bradley, 1/72, Revell (Desert Storm)


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Good morning,

25 years ago, Desert Storm started. One of the many players in it was the "Bradley" APC (or IFV?). Well, since I usually don't do military modelling, I guess you know much more about than I do anyway!

The kit is from Revell, and built OOB, except the antennaes. Fitting was good, just had some problems with the tracks. But I guess it was due to my poor experience. Painting was done with Modelmaster Marines Desert Sand, weathering was some filtering and washing with oil colours. All in all, a nice kit, which can be recommanded.









As this is one of my few military things, I appreciate any feedback, and ways to improve the technique. I should add some soot at the exhaust, maybe some luggage as well. We'll see!


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