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Super Lynx HMA.8 Hobby Boss 1/72

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When building had no problems. a set of high-quality.

It has been added to the Pavlas cabin.

It was correct cut lines on the belly and added the antenna.
Struts were made for blades. The set they exclusion. I had their soldering of the wires of the LEDs. Result not perfect, but better than without them. Air intakes of engines made by shrouding. The keel has been inserted to simulate the mesh grille.

The model was painted Tamiya and MR Hobby paints.

Weathering- oil dots and pigments.










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I'd be happy if my 1/48 scale HMA8 looks like this! Lol

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Hello,Dmitry - My compliments to you on a beautiful looking build of your 'Super Lynx. I love the quality and detail of the paint and finishing work and commend the subtle weathering.She's a resplendent tribute to the type.All the best,Paul.

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