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Vought F4U-1D Corsair Tamiya 1/48

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Great build

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I like the blue! :)

Exactly which Vallejo blue did you use?

Did you apply a whitish grey wash for the panel lines? With oils?

I used model air 71087 Dark Sea Blue with a dash of white to try and give a faded look. (approx 30 to 1)

For the panel lines I gave the whole model a wash made up of a light sand weathering powder with water, this was then removed with a damp paper towel. (This was after coating the model with gloss Klear). This also helped dull the overall finish back down.

The panel lines were also pre-shaded black over the vallejo grey primer.

The reference phots I 've seen of weathered corsairs do show the blue getting fairly light, especially when subject to the sea air/dust of the Pacific theatre. However I cannot work out if the insigina would also weather to the same degree (a lot of photos show the insigina looking fairly dark still) - maybe these got repainted?

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Not at all, the sun fades away everything! I like it. :)

Do you want to post some more pictures, maybe some of the cockpit? Really like it.

Thanks for the comments, I'm going to get some more photos tomorrow (after I've been to Bolton Model show)

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Is Vallejo model air 71087 Dark Sea Blue the same as Vallejo Mode Air 71087 Steel Blue?

Thanks again! I do like the finish!

I think so - are you looking at the Vallejo chart - it refers to 71087 as Steel Blue on there, on the bottle it says Dark Sea Blue...?

The Spanish is the same on both - Azul Acero

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yes - and i just did a google translate and azul acero = steel blue; a few of the stores i looked at also list 71087 as steel blue

i hope it is the same?

Anyone know?

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