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This going to be the first Star Trek model I have built in a few years, and the first build of 2016. It is a commission of the AMT 1/2500 USS Enterprise C.

These photos are upon completion of the first day. Enjoy!


What you get in the box


Another image of the kit unboxed


After grey primer (Halfords grey primer)


Some detailing work

And another.

So after opening the box and looking at the decals, I decided I would rather paint than use the decals supplied. The reasons for this are I think they are too bold and not very screen accurate. I also think "wallpapering" decals like this cover up a lot of the detail on the kit, so instead I will be painting the various shades and tones on the hull as well as some of the detailing.

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Details have all been painted on, including the blue hull highlights. I have used some artistic license on this one and tamed down the amount of blue highlights, as well as the colour, making it less vivid that the decals would have.

By painting the hull rather than using the decals it has allowed me to retain the detail on the hull rather than plastering over it.




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