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MQ-9 Reaper French Airforce 1/33 "Belfort" operation Barkhane 1/48

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MQ-9 Reaper French Airforce 1/33 "Belfort" operation Barkhane 1/48

Kinetic kit reboxed by Revell

decals: he excellent ones from Caracal Models



finally finished!

was definitely more than a weekend project as initially planned!

first, I identified the need to know a bit more about the Reaper, then I noticed that France operates a more modern version than the kit represented, then I needed to modify,....etc. you know this, don't you?

but here you are


all the necessary mods:











no photoshop, he! just natural sunlight reflection!

thanks for comments!

Salut, Werner

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Bigger than I thought. That sunlight reflection is one of those moments you know will never happen again. What weapons do they normally carry or are they strictly recon?

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thanks everybody for your kind comments!

and to CaracalModels himself for commenting! without those decals I would probably not have bought the kit in the beginning! thanks for producing them in such quality!

:) :) and yes, it is big! (able to carry 2 GBU-12s and 4 Hellfires after all for several hours!)

French Reapers are strictly recon for the time being, probably starting soon to carry weapons though....

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