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Mig-31BM Foxhound Review Build 1:48


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You know what? I thoroughly enjoyed the build, and if that's not what modelling should be about then my name is Michael Caine ^_^

Mike, that's exactly what modelling should be about. Far too many take things far too seriously.

Great build by the way, might have to try one out for myself.

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Cracking job Mike.

It is hard to tell from the pictures just how large this beast actually is.

Better collar Christopher when he gets home from school as it needs a pilot to give a better idea of scale.


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Hope that is gonna be available for the Britmodeller tables at shows. :tease: Some of us are still waiting for ours to arrive, I think you aught to build something from Mach2 now as penance for showing off with this.

That is a seriously nice build Mike. I doubt mine will be as good.

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Hi Mike!

You did a marvelous job on that beast.

I will be taken as a reference build and inspire a lot of modelers.

Me art first :)

I really like the rendering of the painting and weathering... very sharp.

Congrats Sir!


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Absolutely stunning model Mike, helped by accurate info from Gabor (thank you for that Gabor!)

You've raised the bar so high you'll have to build a spacecraft to get it back for us mere mortals!

"I've just noticed that I forgot to unmask the landing lights :blush:"

By the Gods - He is human after all!

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That is lovely Mike, enjoyed watching it come together too!

May I be a pain, is it possible to get a photo of the wheel well / air-brake area? :)

Thanks Radders... seeing as you asked so nicely and I was taking another pic of the static wicks to add to the initial post, here you go :)


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Such beautiful model of such ugly aircraft.

This is absolutely one of the best aircraft models I have ever seen.

Superb painting and very subtle, but distinct weathering and just perfect assembly.

Of course pictures are also awesome, but this is normal for Mike.

Well, I don't want to make my own MiG-31, when I saw this one. That doesn't have any sense. :)

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