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1/16 Trumpeter Pz IV Just starting the long trek


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Good afternoon all!

I an in Seattle Washington, USA. I like the 1/16 because it is large enough to detail without a microscope, yet small enough so that you do not need to build an addition to your house to display it. Those Tiger IIs are truly impressive. I have bought one of the Trumpeter 1/16 Pz IV H models and intend to build it doing as much detailing as is possible. After the Pz IV H I would like to build the tiger and if there is a Pz III N that would be sweet!

I am primarily Tiger I and Pz III fan and have an extensive collection of books, DVDs, etc. on these subjects. Now I need the get myself some Pz IV references so that I might start my build. Panzer Tracts has not released their Pz IV book yet. I have the Meng AFV Modeler subscription.

What other references would you recommend top me?

This will be a very long build and my lovely assistant, Kristi, and I are looking forward to starting it soon.

Thank you for the help and have yourself a good day!

Brian and Kristi

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On Facebook there is a closed group https://www.facebook.com/groups/920071714702418/?ref=bookmarks, but you can send request for the introduction and after its approval many you will gather on construction of this model.

Believe, there is where to lay hands, especially on saturation of internal part of the tank.

I too build this model and with interest I will observe and than I will be able - I will help....

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