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I've finished battling with the 1/72nd scale BroPlan vacform kit of the S.E.161R Languedoc.

The mouldings themselves were very nice, with crisp surface detail, but as with other kits from this manufacturer that I've built the plastic is just a smidge thicker than fag paper, and it's very easy to sand right through it.

Therefore great care is needed with building these kits, and too much filling and sanding will only create a whole lot more!

The decals were appalling and broke up and were lacking in colour density, so I used a mixture of ModelDecal and hand painted insignias such as the fin stripes.

The undercarriage and propellers were quite crude injection-moulded parts, but they cleaned up ok.

A very challenging subject, but I was pleased with the end result, and as far as I'm aware this is the only kit available of this interesting aircraft.






I used Xtracolour aluminium for the main airframe and Humbrol paints for the detail parts. Clear-fix was used for the windows as none were provided in the kit.


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Very nice build of rare subject :) - there is really a nice series of such rare machines in Broplan offert!

I have some in stash waiting already too long for a good moment to construct (Savoia 74, 75, Dewoitine 338 etc. )...



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I really like this model. Looks similar to an Avro York but with a french twist.

Very nice indeed.

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You have done a great job with the Languedoc. I am rather surprised that you did not want to follow on and build the example used as a carrier for the Leduc 021 and 022 project.

Just Joking, Trev.

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