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Musashi Wreck

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Last year I built the IJN Musashi as it sits 1185 M on the floor of the Sibuyan Sea, after being found by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allan in Mar 2015.
Now I have scoured the internet for pictures and watched Mr Allan's 2+ hour video of the find. I have found few reference photos as this is such a new find, but what I did find is the bow and stern are fairly close to each other, and the center of the ship was blow to kingdom come and strewn all over the Sibuyan Sea floor by what is suspected as one or more magazine explosions. The survivors stated that they felt at least one explosion after the ship had gone under. Now apparently the Musashi, after receiving a murderous punishment of 19 torpedoes and 17 1000 lb bombs in six air attacks during the day of October 24 1944, went down 26 ft by the bow and finally capsized to port before slipping under taking 1023 of her crew.
I recreated the wreck as close as I could with the reference photos available and side scan sonar screen shots. The kit is an old half built Tamiya 1/350 Yamato that I had not worked on in 20 years. Instead of tossing it in the rubbish, I wanted to do something creative.

The base is Styrofoam covered with silt. The ship stern decks were made from sheet styrene and the bow decks were made from cardboard.The ROV was made from spare PE and a micro LED.
The photos were taken in low light to simulate the ocean floor. I hope you like it.














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Thanks mates, It was a very enjoyable build. It took quite a bit of research. Since Mr Allan has published so very few pictures, I'm sure I have missed several things. My main resource was the sidescan sonar screen shot where the bow and stern are pointed out. I did turn the stern a little to keep the base at a minimum, but everything else was constructed as best as I could


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