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1/350 Academy Indianapolis

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Last year I decided to work on my first water themed diorama. I wanted to build the Academy 1/350 Indianapolis and place her in rough seas and gale force winds. The time frame is July 1945 just after delivering parts for the atomic bomb to Tinian and prior to her sinking.
The base is made from sawdust which was strengthened with thin CA and overlaid with paper strips and acrylic gel. The bow crash, wake churn and whitecaps were made from cotton. I added the Eduard PE set.
Comments and critiques welcome.









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I really wish I could do that! Fantastic show stopper of a piece.

Love the way the water runs off the deck around the hangars and aft gun tubs. Very well observed, and excellent details - I see you've even got nets in the floater baskets.


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Thanks guys.
Guba, I did practice my technique with cotton and acrylic gel on an old Airfix 1/72 Grumman duck before I put a $100+ build into the "water". This was my first try with sawdust, CA and heavy seas.
I have since improved my technique with my latest Type VII U-boat. I will be trying other improvements with my building of the "USS" Prinz Eugen at Bikini Island just Pryor to the Able bomb blast during Operation Crossroads post WWII and "The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors" where I will be building the USS Johnston during the Battle off Samar, where she charged the Japanese center force to protect the carriers of Taffy 3

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Wow, what a masterpiece. You should do a tutorial on seascapes. Brilliant.


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Thank you Frank,

Actually I am starting a sea diorama of the USS Johnston DD-557 using the 1/350 Trumpeter The Sullivans. You can find the thread titled:

"1/350 Trumpeter The Sullivans built as the USS Johnston DD-557"
Y'all can get in on the ground floor and watch me crash as burn.

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