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MB Ejection Seat Handles 1:48

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MB Ejection Seat Handles (49740)
1:48 Eduard


Martin Baker are almost ubiquitous in their provision of ejection seats to western aircraft manufacturers, so you'll see plastic renditions of their wares in a lot of kits. What often isn't supplied however is the actuation handles that launch the pilot skyward in the event of a catastrophic problem with their ride. Sometimes they're supplied as over-thick loops but you have to paint them, which isn't the easiest of tasks.


Guess what? This set contains a number of different types for the variants used over the years, and they're all supplied on a nickel-plated and pre-painted fret of brass, so you don't have to bother even painting those fiddly stripes. You get the following:

4 x MB Mk.5

4 x MB Mk.7

4 x MB Mk.GRU7

3 x MB Mk.10

3 x MB Mk.12

4 x MB Mk.16 US 16E

4 x MB Mk.16A

Where appropriate both the handles on the headbox and at the front of the seat cushion are provided, plus the little yellow or striped handles on the cushion sides. To obtain stripes running across both sides and give them a more 3D feel, they are folded together, and can be glued with CA to keep them together. A coat of gloss varnish will also give a more rounded appearance too.

A very useful addition to a kit seat, or even a resin replacement that doesn't include them in the box. There are plenty on the sheet too, and as long as you're not building just one aircraft type, they will last a while, all being well.

Highly recommended.


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Just got this set from Hannant's I can see it being put to lots of use in the future. Nice to have lots of generic parts to spruce up some of the older kits in the stash.

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I sent an email suggestion to Eduard back in February 2014 for such a set. Hopefully they will do it in 1/72 and a set for Russian aircraft as well.


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