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Home made light box

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When I picked up the new camera I was convinced that is was going to solve the quality of my pictures, but a bit of experimenting and digging about I realised that it's all part of a much bigger picture (pun not intended but happy accident ;) )!

So, my mission for today was to build my own light-box as cheaply as I can without it being too ghetto!

3x A1 size 5mm foamex boards, a new sheet of blue card, 2x Very cheap lamps from argos, plenty of white duc-tape, some tissue paper, and an afternoons efforts, here she sits. :D


And, here's some shots from inside the new box!





I'm still learning my way round the camera and experimenting with the best settings to get the colours right, but I'm really pleased by how much of difference just a few hours work has made!

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Great idea Danny and a very nice models.

I have a similar set up with out the side walls and that works well. Hope you do not mind if I give a bit of advice on the lighting.

Generally bulbs on offer are in the region of 2500 kelvin which rate their colour. The 2500 is yellow range and a soft colour. You can

get now both in the old bayonet and screw in bulbs LED's. Apart from using less than 10% electricity they can also be obtained

in around the 6000kelvin. This gives very close to daylight and gives a blue range. I find it gives a more realistic feel to photos of model



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Cheers guys. :)

Thanks for the tip Laurie, I've used 2800k halogen bulbs just because of what was the easiest and cheapest to get hold of in small screw size. But, as I get more familiar with the camera I will explore different bulbs. :thumbsup2:

The shots are straight out of the camera, no photoshop raw hokey-pokey, just downsized (it shots at 6000x4000 pixels :yikes: ) and uploaded. :)

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Most excellent.

I agree; if and when you can change to 'day light' LED bulbs. No messing with colour/white balance then.

I changed and it makes life easier

Even if you can't get LED bulbs in your lamp fittings you can get adaptors for about 99p.

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I was taking photos of my recent build earlier and I just couldn't get the light right. I'm no photographer and it was frustrating me.

I'm going to need to build one of these.

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