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Tamiya Aston Martin DBS 1/24


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Hello all,

This is my first time posting in here, so please do point it out if there are any mistakes.

Approximately 2 and a half years ago, I started working on this build. Up until now, it still hasn't been finished, but major progress is made. This is only my 4th model, so there is still room for improvement. Besides, I don't plan to do anything additional, such as add flocking or anything, so it'd be appreciated if you could be easy on me, considering unlike the masterpieces that you guys post here, it isn't perfect at all.

Anyway, here are the pics:

The brakes:


The seats, painted and with decals applied:


The dashboard (unfinished):


A dry fit of the interior:


Various small bits (namely the steering wheel and headlight housings):


A dry fit of the engine bay (somehow the engine bay won't fit into the front suspension very well. Maybe it requires some sanding):


The rear suspension, including the differential (masking tape not yet removed):


(Sorry for the smartphone-taken pictures. I will use a proper DSLR when there is major progress made.)

Anyway, I'm actually here to ask a few questions: How do you increase the adhesion of decals? Do you use something like Micro Sol? Is Tamiya's Mark Fit something similar to that? Is it possible to make a decal adhere to the surface again after it has fallen off using extra thin cement?

Thanks for viewing.

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