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Airfix JU88A-4

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Greetings and hello from a dull and wet Aberdeenshire.
After making many German 1/35th WW2 I lost in mojo and modeling stopped :weep:

So for Christmas I picked up a couple of Airfix 'wingy things' in attempt to get me going.

I am starting with the JU-88A4, which I am now told is a rather old kit, the box art was so shiny and new(cue Madonna song).

Well, having started I will complete :winkgrin:

I know there is no canopy mask, but will the Falcon luftwaffe clear vax canopies set 4, with the ju88A-4 in fit before I spend the cash?

Last question, for now at least, as I have a collection of Tamiya paints for German AFV'S can any of the greens be used, and what is best range of Tamiya/Revel colours. just to get started.

Thanks for looking.


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Don't know anything about Tamiya greens I'm afraid but RLM 71 is a brownish green, whereas RLM 70 is a blackish blueish green.

FWIW here are the two colour reference sites that I use all the time:



The second one can tell you how close the paints you have are to a given reference.

And good luck with the Airfix JU88!! I half built one (it had a cracked fuselage half) and now use it as my paint testbed:


The kit fits together passingly well and is fun, but any attempt to accurize it would send your mojo-meter plummeting (I know, I did the old Airfix Heinkel 111 and Il-2 and I'm still in therapy). I would be tempted to steer clear of aftermarket for this kit and just dip the canopies in Future or your favourite equivalent gloss varnish after you have stucK the three parts together. (Mind you, as a WW2 AFV man, you may not even realise that gloss finishes exist! ;) )

And if it all gets too much, soak some tissue pieces in PVA, throw them over the model as "tarpaulins" and you have a background prop for your next AFV!



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Actually Adrian, that is a dam good idea :thumbsup:

Saves me a couple of quid and a lot of major masking.


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