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A year of clearing shelf sitters


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Wasn't sure if I'd miss the cut for this year book but thankfully it was still open at stupid o'clock once I'd finally shepherded everyone home from a party I got to stay sober at as driver. Yay. What fun.

Anyway, on the subject of fun, I made some models in 2015. I also finished off some stalled projects.

First off was a refugee from the Harrier STGB that didn't make the deadline and then stalled. Finished finally in the early months of 2015.

1/72nd Airfix Harrier AV-8S


The Lesser Built Air Forces GB then gave me the opportunity, thanks to CliffB's generosity, to model a Peruvian Air Force Hawker Hunter. As this was the 5th example of Revell's fine 72nd scale kit I've made something a little different was in order to enliven the display so I made a stand and modelled her in the act of getting airborne and retracting the gear.

1/72nd Revell Hunter F.52


More stalled projects were to come in for some much-needed attention. First of a Ki-61 that had been started for the Pacific War GB many years ago.

1/72nd Hasegawa Ki-61


Next up was an Airfix Seafire XVII that had been part-built by a fellow and founder member of my local model club. I took the kit on as a labour of love and was proud to finish it on John's behalf.

1/48 Airfix Supermarine Seafire XVII


This one still needs a deck crew finished to depict it in the act of having the wing folded but a job to be finished For 2016 hoprfully.

Staying with Supermarine products modelled by Airfix in 48th scale came a Spitfire I as a 602 squadron machine that my grandfather would have worked on for the Battle of Britain GB.

1/48th Airfix Supermarine Spitfire I


Another shelf-sitter, another Airfix kit, another in 48th followed. This time a jet.

1/48th Airfix Gnat T.1


Back into the group builds with the What-if III GB seen a Lightning in Belgian Air Force colours.

1/72nd Trumpeter Lightning F.50


Then a Concorde in RAF colours as a reconnaissance variant.

1/144th Airfix Concorde R.1


Add to that a couple of Zvezda snap-together characters from the Disney Planes movie along with several Lego sets for my daughter and there we have it. Two more are close to being done but they will hopefully kick of the 2016 selection :)

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Nice line up Col. I must confess that when I first saw the Concorde I thought, "now that's just silly" for about 3 nano seconds, swiftly replaced by, "hell, but it looks bluddy good though" the squadron marks really set it off well.


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