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B-29 Washingtons of the RAF 1:144, 1:72, 1:48


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B-29 Washingtons of the RAF
1:144, 1:72 & 1:48 Air-Craft Models


Air-Craft Models are part of Coastal-Craft, and are sold via them, and this is a very British set of decals that would go well with their B-29 corrected engine nacelles that I reviewed here a little while ago. It is available in all three of the major scales that you can readily find kits in, and arrives in a ziplok bag with a healthy sized instruction sheet that is covered in profiles and notes for the various airframes covered by the set.



There are four sizeable chunks of decal paper with codes and national insignia taking up a lot of the space, but with additional markings for each option so that you can build one aircraft from the sheet(s). Also included is a small Photo-Etch (PE) brass fret that provides the RAF specific aerials, most of which are used on one of the decal choices that was an ELINT airframe. From the bag you can portray one of the following:

  • Washington B.1 (B-29A-50-BN, 44-61889) WF499 LS*B XV Squadron – bare metal over black with a wavy demarcation.
  • Washington B.1 (B-29A-70-BN, 44-62231) WF503, 90 Squadron – all over bare metal.
  • Washington B.1 (B-29A-70-BN, 44-62283) WZ966, 55, 192 Squadron, 1957-8 – all over bare metal with Arctic red tail and wing tips.
  • Washington B.1 (B-29A-70-BN, 44-62326) WF552, 115 Squadron – all over bare metal.

Each airframe is portrayed in port-side profiles, plus top and bottom views where appropriate, all of which are accompanied by notes to draw your attention to the differences from standard equipment that should be modelled if you are going for ultimate accuracy. A separate profile shows the location of the majority of the PE aerials used on the ELINT aircraft with the red wing tips.

The decals are printed to very high standards with good registration, colour density and sharpness, while the PE is well etched, but without the frippery such as rounded corners or product codes that you find with the specialists.

A nicely presented set that will allow you to portray an RAF Washington to break from the usual stars and bars that are most often seen. The inclusion of the aerials is a useful touch, but remember that you will need some modelling skills to delete turrets and plate them over before you take the plunge, in order to achieve ultimate fidelity.

Highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of

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I picked these up at Telford, fully intending to do an ELINT bird. However, the extra work involved has led me to change my mind and go for a standard B.1

It's a great and colourful option to include, but you need to be pretty hardcore to go for it as there are a LOT of modifications to make.


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Just a note for anyone outside the UK - they will only post to a UK address. However, they are extremely helpful, and will post to another's address to have it sent on.

Please be aware that this is a limited-run issue, and the 1/72nd scale version is now down to seven left. I know, because I've just bought the eighth :D.

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Mods are indicated in the instruction sheet?

Or up to you to find the information required?

A lot of modifications for the ELINT version are given in the instructions. I assume it's a complete list but I don't know for sure.

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