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Jasonb13's 2015


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Hi all,

Only got 6 completed this year (though my 7th should be finished in a couple of weeks!) but considering I only did 4 in 2013 and 2014, 6 is an improvement! You gotta love GBs to keep you going. Anyhow, here they are:

First up was a departure for me, my first ever car. It was a challenging build for me, but I really enjoyed it and was happy with the outcome.

So here's my Revell 1:24 Red Bull Racing RB8:



Next up was an entry for the IPMS Ireland's forum, and for the 'IPMS Ireland Goes to Hollywood' GB. I went with a A-10 from Terminator Salvation, though it was more an approximation of what one of the aircraft might look like than deliberately copying one of the aircraft from the film.

Here's my Revell 1:144 A-10 'Terminator Salvation':



Next was my entry to the French Fancy GB here on BM, which I completed with a lot of advice (and spares) from fellow Britmodellers. As brush-painted camo goes, I was quite happy with it.

Here's my Tamiya 1:72 P-47D Razorback:



My 4th build was for the Spanish Civil War GB on IPMS Ireland's forum. I just couldn't resist building a 109 with a serial number of 109, and I really enjoyed the research into this one, though it was more a research into the 109 E-3 Kits than into the specific aircraft! The two pics below also show how much a colour can change with different lighting...

Anyhow, here's my Tamiya 1:72 Bf109 E-3:



My second last build was for the Tornado GB here on BM that was dedicated to Merv. It was one of those 'that scheme looks cool' models that turns out to be rather awkward to paint!

Here's my Revell 1:144 Tornado ECR:



And finally, only my second ever Armour, and with a resin kit as well to turn it into a Syrian version. It was a bit fiddly, but I enjoyed it, and learned a lot about weathering armour in the process.

Here's my Revell 1:72 T34/85 'Syria 1967':



That's it everyone, thanks for looking! :)


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