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help needed - concrete color with Vallejo paint


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does anyone have a mix ratio & color guide to get a sun aged concrete color (airbrushing) from the Vallejo line of paints? i'm very happy with their working properties and am concentrating on the mechanics of airbrushing so really don't want the burden of experimenting with mixes if someone has already "invented the wheel". or the expense of buying into another line of paints.

back in railroading days i was completely happy with Floquil Aged Concrete straight from the bottle, so it might lend credence to how unsophisticated the base coat needs to be. i can doctor up lighter or darker as needed, but just hope for a place to start. thanks.

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Can't help you I'm afraid. I buy paints as designated in the instructions and then mix them lighter for base coats, darker for washes. I don't use ratios, but use good old trial and error.

IF I were trying to replicate concrete, I'd paint it white first, then apply washes of greys/buffs/browns/blacks and do a bit of dry brushing as well, and if it didn't look right I'd repeat the process with slightly different mixes until it did.

Things like concrete and mortar tend to contain locally sourced materials, so there can be quite a lot of colour variation in their constituents.... the same being true for mud and sand.

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Testor Model Master 4875 Aged Concrete Flat and Model Master 4876 Concrete Flat are not bad colours for cement.

Not as nice as the old floquil colours I'm afraid but with a little dusting it looks pretty good!

Don't forget to caulk the joints! :winkgrin:

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