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airfix 1/72 handley page hampden

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I'm hoping it's ok too, Ian.

Don't fancy scrapping it as it cost 15 quid!

Just been watching some videos on annealing, and think I've got the general idea.

Time to start playing with naked flames!

Will post some progress pics soon.


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I thought about that Martin, but not tried it before. Any pointers?

The etch does seem rather springy, more so that the eduard etch I've used before.

Just heat the parts that need to be more malleable, you could just do the whole fret, until they are red hot and then leave them to cool slowly. You will then find that the brass is softer and a lot less springy. Try it on a spare bit of the etch frame and see how you get on.


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Cheers Martin. Will a candle do the job? I've seen one used this way. The vids I watched said th look for a colour change, might be a bit hard as the frets are dark blue.


A candle should be fine for the job. If the brass is glowing red hot then you have it hot enough.


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Thanks for the encouragement guys, some modelling will actually take place,at some point. Probably when I'm done with the daft questions.

They are not daft questions Matt, just the type that a lot of us mere mortals like to know.

Good luck sir, will follow the thread.


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Thanks Simon.


Started with a large piece first, the starboard framing.



Used this white candle as my heat source.

Didn't go too well, I don't think the candle generated enough heat. It burnt the blue coating off lovely (complete with nasty smells), but after that it just sooted up the piece.

Saying that, I think it helped a bit.



This is the piece after cleaning the soot off, using some fine emery cloth.

There's definitely less spring in it.

Now the other problem.

I don't know how usable the etch will be.



Notice the problem?

Fit isn't great, will need a fair bit of cutting and adjusting.

It's almost like it was made for a different kit.

Think I will have to pick and choose which parts to use, most might not even be usable.

Any tips on cutting etch?

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Been thinking, whilst at work, about trimming the photo etch.

Do you think a narrow cutting wheel in my motor tool would work?

Worried about burrs.

Only other alternative I can think of is scissors, but I'm also worried about deforming the brass too much.

Any opinions either way? Or is there another path to take?

I await with bated breath......

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Well, whoever designed that should be shot! It is without doubt the worst fitting etch I have ever seen. I would say that some assorted thin plastic strip and some Tamiya extra thin would be an easier way to go. Some sprue cutters might do the job if you really want to persist with the brass, along with a small diamond file to remove any burr. I would just use the brass for small details.


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It does rather come under the "Why bother?" category of aftermarket details. If you do persist, I'd recommend gluing it in place and then trimming off the excess - it's not like any of the roof detail will be visible once the canopy's in place.

Edited by mhaselden
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Thanks guys. Think I will persist with the etch, for now.

If it goes belly up trying this side, I might give up on the other side too.

Martin, I know what you mean about shooting the designer. I wouldn't mind, if the etch was designed to be used on another kit, but it is labelled as specifically for the airfix kit.

Mhaselden, you're right, most if the roof section will be invisible when the fuselage is closed up. I think cutting the roof edge short may be in order. Save any problems closing the fuselage up, I can see it being problematic on it's own, without extra brass to contend with.

Will reassess the situation when I get home from work.

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I'm with Martin, you'd probably be better off making the fuselage sidewall detail from strip and just using the etch for fiddly detail parts.....Trying to fettle the etch to fit is likely to be frustrating and I doubt the results would be as good. :shrug:

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I hate to say it, but that sounds exactly like the Airwaves PE that I've had experience of. I will certainly never buy any of their stuff again. It just looks as though they're trying to get money from modelers without doing even the most basic research into the fit and function of what they're trying to sell!

Good luck!


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Hi chaps.

I've been persevering with the side etch.

After my attempt to aneal the etch, I've been bending, trimming and finnagling it.


I've got it pretty close to where I want it.


Just needs a little bit more finessing around where the instrument panel and floor fit. I had to trim it back where the wing location tab fits, and cut out the aperture at the top.

Because of this, I had to start reworking the cockpit floor. In my eagerness I fitted the pilots seat, rear gunners seat and control column.

I chopped out the seat, as there's an etch replacement, the control column and rear seat.


Here's the floor, with the etch in place. The section that I folded, that fits where the seat is, fitted pretty well. The rear walkway fits nicely too.



DSC_0188.jpgShame the section underneath doesn't. It's a bit too wide, and way too long. Just needs trimming back.

I now need to drill a couple of holes to remount the rear seat and the control column. They'll both need pinning as I had to cut them off flush to remove them.

Hope I'm not boring anyone yet.


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Great stuff - and very handy to know what fits and what doesn't on the etch. Following along!

Welcome aboard, it's gonna be a roller-coaster ride!

Today, I've mostly been working on the cockpit.



Knocked up the pilots seat, a vast improvement over the kit part.




It's rather awkward to get a decent picture of it, it's that small.

There are some random boxes that fit around the seat, a couple of them have slots in for control levers.


There are 5 of these little blighters that need folding.


The dot under the rule is a finished box.


This was my folding setup, don't have a folding tool as I don't do much etch.


I drilled out the bottom of the control column to accept a brass rod.


Superglued the rod in, then trimmed to length.



Here's how the cockpit stands now. Just need to fit the small levers into the control boxes and fit the seat. There's also some rudder pedals to fit.


Given the wheel bays a splash of interior green.


I also fitted the fuselage etch panel.

Sorry the updates are a bit sporadic, not got much time to work on it.

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