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1/72 Mach 2 Piasecki HUP-2 58S Aéronautique Navale

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I would like to present my recently completed 1/72 scale Mach 2 Piasecki HUP-2.

I used some parts from the Amodel kit and theres a fair amount of scratch built details; the rotor hubs, most of the interior, the oleo struts and the front canopy is a homemade vac form. Decals are from modelart set 72/059 the roundels are from the Amodel HUP-2 kit. A tricky kit, but I had a lot of fun building it. I tried to replicate some chipping as well (first time I've tried this and I'm pleased with how it looks)

Built as part of the Vietnam Groupbuild ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234987981-finished-172-piasecki-hup-2-58s-aeronautique-navale/page-1) this aircraft represents one from the 58S Aéronautique Navale based on the La Fayette 1954 (possibly in the Gulf of Tonkin).

My standard Tamiya paint pot photo












thanks for looking



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Great job there Aaron, not the easiest kit to build, which you have achived. Great build thread too. Thanks for the journey.


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Beautiful work as ever Aaron. The delicacy of your models is inspiring stuff.

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I love this one! Truly great work! I watched your WIP in group build section as well - so I'm very impressed with your work and final result.

And yes - HUP-2 was tiny. I saw it in a museum collection among other helicopters and was astonished how small it is even compared to H-19 or Huey.

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