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Critiquing Rules

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If you are planning to offer up a critique of a build in here, please bear the following in mind:

'Critiquing' current, or completed builds

The critiquing is limited to the build itself, not the accuracy of the kit or the subject matter. If the paint scheme is out, or the original kit/aftermarket accessory for example a cowling or spinner is the wrong shape, so be it, point it out politely but its not a big issue if the builder cannot get the right paint colour etc.

The critiquing/advice is meant for the skill set of the builder, not the accuracy of the build and is meant to encourage development of those skill sets and the sharing of ideas.

For those posting their builds.

1. Well done for posting your build here. :thumbsup:

2. You have the right to expect fair and unbiased treatment, likewise if a fair piece of advice is given, please accept it. :smartass:

3. The criticisms if any are not meant to personal attacks, if you think they are report the post. :bobby:

4. If there are any specific points of the build that you require help with, highlight them and describe your issues, otherwise you might get something unexpected! :winkgrin:

4. We'll be looking forward to seeing the next build! :popcorn:

For those persons offering Constructive Criticism or build advice.

Thank you for taking the time to encourage or offer advice to someone. :goodjob:
If you are going to criticise someones build publicly the following guidelines will apply:

1. Be Fair. Is it the fault of the kit :deadhorse: or the fault of the builder? :dunce:
2. Be Constructive not Destructive of the builders skill, offer up the good points as well as the bad. Remember we all started out somewhere. :frantic:

3. Give a solution to your perceived problem to how either you would do it with examples preferably from you or a link to another person who tackled the same problem. :pipe:

4. You help one another as adults on an equal basis, no personal attacks will be tolerated. :fight:
5. If you critique someone, you are open yourself to prove you know what you are talking about :pardon: . Armchair critics are not welcome! :shoot:

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