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Tamiya 1/72 F-16CJ Fighting Falcon

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Here's my last build before taking a break for the Holidays. It went together nearly flawlessly. The main gear was a little tedious, but other than that, it was pretty straight forward. I used the paint set from Ammo of Mig Jiminez for the first time on this build. The paint is a little temperamental to work with. It was very thin, a little too thin for my taste. Do not add thinner! You have to do very light coats, else it will pool and make a nasty bubbly orange peel. Luckily, I tested it first on a pylon that wouldn't be as visible. Despite all this, if you learn its properties, it will make for a very nice paint job. It is just not very forgiving. In addition, it does not brush paint well out of the bottle. It has a watery consistency, so a drop of something like lacquer thinner will be required to break the surface tension.

I also used Eduard Interior photo etch and Brassin ejection seat and exhaust.

Merry Christmas!




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Hello,Texan76 -.My compliments to you on a fine looking build of your 'F-16'.I love the quality and detail of the paint and finishing work.She is a resplendent tribute to the type..All the best,Paul.

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Looks great!

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I get to see that actual airframe from time to time - your version looks as good as the real one! Here it is at this year's Friendship Festival at Yokota AB


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