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Bf 109 STGB II Chat


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EDITED 26.4.2017; here are the rules to be followed in this STGB:


Welcome to the Britmodeller Bf 109 STGB II! (actually the first was a Me 109 STGB...)


When: 6th May to 6th August 2017


Host: vppelt68


Eligible builds: Messerschmitt Bf 109 including prototypes and racers, production models from A to Z and their direct descendants, Hispanos and Avias! Regarding Me 209:s, 309:s etc… I´m sorry but I need to say "no" to them. If you want to build a V-tail G-0 go ahead, as long as you build one of the actual prototypes!


SO, NO WHIFS! Spanish Civil War, WW2, Israeli early years, WW2 movie planes, post war- use in various European air forces - you just can´t say there isn´t enough build options in planes that actually existed.


WIP thread: All builds must have a work in progress- thread.


Multiple builds in one build thread: Allowed. All builds should have their own gallery entry, though, with five pictures being good a good number as any number can be posted at the build thread. Commenting on gallery thread is a no-no, please do that in the build threads only.


No trading: Any parts/decals/kits etc that you want to buy or sell MUST be posted in the Buy/Sell area only, not here in the GB forum.


No ready-mades: Entries must be under 25 % complete. If there's any doubt, get in touch with one of us or post your progress in the GB Chat thread, things usually get sorted out.


Prizes: AZmodel / Kovozávody Prostějov is sponsoring us. Stunning details to be announced next saturday when we hit the Current GB- section :P


Please note: We WILL certainly have a regular Britmodeller Gallery feature but NO POLL there.


Recommended aspects: Having fun!


Regards, V-P


Here´s the original rules discussion:

When next time: 6 May 2017 to 6 August 2017

When last time: actually my 1st GB and my first Britmodeller build took place from 1st November 2012 till 3rd February 2013
Since then happened: all those AZ Model and KP 1:72 kits, Eduard 1:48 G-6 and hopefully Zvezda too, and of course the Revell 1:32
Eligible: Messerschmitt Bf 109:s from prototypes and racers, production models A to Z and direct descendants, Hispano Buchons and Avia S-you know what:s that I now can't recall by name, but are just re-engined Bf 109:s.

Is there the 25% rule: Let´s use common sense! An unstarted 1:72 easy build kit to be built OOB has a lot less job left to be finished than (say) a 50% done 1:32 kit with resin, PE or both. So why should we not allow such mountain of work not to be finished within a STGB? I say we should! Tell me if you object, please, before we start.
Why: well it's almost five years by then, there'll be Mustang STGB number 3 (!) this year, and just FW 190 and Ju 88 Luftwaffe subject STGB:s above horizon in the next 16 months, plus those new kits that weren't available last time, and because I'd like to have one!

1: vppelt68 (that´s me, host)
2: Mish
3: dazdot
4: Knight_Flyer
5: bubbasparksuk
6: Arniec
7: Prenton
8: jrlx
9: Caerbannog
10: Mottlemaster
12: smuts (co-host, thanks Andy!)
13: usetherudders.
14: stevehnz
15: specky
16: Black Knight
17: Ettore
18: Erwin
19: Bill Ficner
20: kpc7676
21: Paolo6691
22: -Neu-
23: Enzo Matrix
24: Duncan B
25: Rob G, thank you mr.25 as now we are ready for take off!
26: jean
27: trickyrich
28: SAU
29: Mikemx
30: AndyC

31: TonyTiger66

32: Kahunaminor

33: planecrazee

34: Ozzy

35: Blitz23

36: Ettore

37: tango98

38: Sabre_days

39: Knetterik Camberry Sauce 

40: Doug Rogers

41: PlaStix

42: delta7

43: DaveJL

44: wayne 0

45: Greg in OK


So blame me crazy :mental: for proposing a new STGB to happen a year and a half away... I'm guilty as charged! It seems we´re all crazy!
Regards, V-P

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Oh Yeah!!! I am in Just like last time.

I am thinking of a Bf-109Z in 1/32 scale.There will be some scratch building involved. :frantic::bounce::mental:


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I have an Eduard E1 somewhere... And some leftovers from my Werner Wings 109 racer conversion burried deep in my stash so if this STGB takes place I will have to do some digging. Please add me to the list. Would like to build red D-ISLU at last to place next to D-IPKY record setter.


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please add me to the list as this is a good opportunity to do a 1/32 Battle of Britain film Buchon useing the Grey Matter conversion. Had originally got this for the Battle of britain 3 G/B this year but it wasnt considerd Battle of Britainy enough:(


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Yes please, I'm accumulating bf109s at a scary rate just now. :)


You can't have too many Bf 109s, can you (or Spitfires or FW 109s or...)



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Count me in!

Probably Airfix 1/72 Bf 109E-7 4 white flown by Stoyan Stoyanov

I also have plans for Pankrantz's 109 from a ICM 1/72 kit

I am also sure I will buy more stuff by the time this one runs.



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