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King'scliffe dispersal


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Work started on an airfield at King's Cliffe in 1941. Originally known as Wansford, it was RAF Wittering's second relief landing ground. The Air Ministry renamed the airfield RAF Kingscliffe, contracting the name of the nearby village. It served both the RAF and USAAF.

No 266 ‘Rhodesia’ Squadron
No 616 Auxiliary ‘South Yorkshire’ Squadron
No 485 Squadron RNZAF
No 93 Squadron
USAAF 350th Fighter Group, 347th Squadron
347FS, 350FG, 8AF
61st & 62nd Fighter Squadrons, 56th Fighter Group, 8th USAAF
No 91 (Nigeria) Squadron
No 7 (Pilots) Advanced Flying Unit
No 349 Squadron
55th, 77th & 79th Fighter Squadrons, 20th Fighter Group





These aircraft are from the 77th Fighter Squadron, 20th Fighter Group, USAAF






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Nice work Ratch,

It looks even better with the P 51's, judging by the list of units you could house all sorts of aircraft. I do like your impressive amount of push bikes.

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