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Lots of Pre-owned models just added

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We've managed to squeeze in a couple of nice collections before Christmas. There were a lot of additions and these have taken our stock figure to over 19,330 unique items!!

Everthing we have is on the website so if it's on there then it is in stock and ready to go. Now we just have to try and find space for them on the shelves.

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I'm with Darby! :winkgrin:

First I found a Glencoe Vertiplane.

a couple of days later I found an Airfix Rotodyne

Then I found an Airfix VC-10 and now an Airfix Westland Puma! :winkgrin:

How do you know what I'm after? Do you tap into my dreams! :winkgrin:

Cheers and a Happy New Year :bye:

hans J

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