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F-16 Fighting Falcon - Viper Under The Skin

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The new book from Eagle Aviation Photograpy "F-16 Fighting Falcon - Viper Under The Skin" is an excellent and unique book for F-16 Fighting Falcon ever printed. Available from HOBBY Colours and Eagle Aviation Photograpy.

Over 400 photographs reveal every part of the F-16 from the cockpit to the engine bay, from the landing gear to the avionics. ‘Viper Under The Skin’ is the ultimate reference guide for the modern F-16 featuring all the new advances as the Conformal Fuel Tanks, the F-16D dorsal spine and state of the art ordnance.

Soft cover - 100 pages
Bilingual: English – Greek
Dimensions: 24 x 22.5cm



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I think there is no such book release on the international market.

Some of the material is published for the first time.

Many photos show each side of the fighter and much more....

A big advantage is the number of revealing photos of active weapons.

In any book on the F-16 which has been internationally released these weapons reference is absent.

Publisher is going to re-print the book, stock is very low only few months after the release (1st of October)

Next release: "40 years of Hellenic Phantoms" coming soon...


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We are happy to announce the pre-order for the new F-4 Phantom - Phantom Under The Skin series book, the Phantom. It will available March the 1st.
Discover the mighty F-4E Phantom in this new unprecedented “Under The Skin” series book! 108 pages and hundreds of photographs captured by one of the world’s leading aviation photographers illustrate in extreme detail every corner of the jet.

The book covers the F-4E AUP in Hellenic Air Force service but will also become a valuable reference asset for any gun nosed Rhino.

External details, walkaround, cockpits, engines and engine bays, access panels, fuel lines, landing gear, exhaust nozzles and all the modern ordnance are thoroughly described down the last detail.

“Phantom Under The Skin” is the must companion for all modelers and Phantom enthusiasts! Take the challenge to build the ultimate scale Phantom or expand your knowledge around the McDonnel Douglas masterpiece discovering features around the jet that have never before published!





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I think there is no such book release on the international market.

Hi, I don't think so, there are already the very good references from Reid air pub, mentionned below.

I have both of Viper guides form Reid air publishing, is there any point in me purchasing this one also? It does look nice.

Again, don't think so, unless you collect everything "viper", or you have some plans for a Greek machine.

I've also the Reid air books, and I don't know yet if I'll get this one....yet!

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The F-4E Phantom from Eagle Aviation is now available and in stock (published at 28 of February)

Concerning Reid Air Publications, their books are excellent and very good reference indeed and that is why HOBBY Colours import them, at least most of them. We are waiting the new release for F-15 from Reid Air Publications (within March) - this will be the first complete reference book for the "Eagle".

Without going to any debate, there are a lot of books out there but what is interesting for the modellers is what details can be revealed for each aircraft.

Reid Air Publications, Eagle Aviation and DACO books capturing photos and details having in mind what modeller wants to see.

Jake Melampy (Reid Air Publications) and Ioannis Lekkas (Eagle Aviation) are both very experienced photographers with flying experience in military aircraft's. No matter if the book refers to the same aircraft, it is still a unique subject, different air-force with variant weapons and releases.

The choice is yours!

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Fellow modellers, we are pleased to announce the Mirage 2000 Under The Skin new book from Eagle Aviation.


The mighty delta winged fighter exposed in all its glory for the first time in history! All systems of the venerable Mirage 2000 are pictured down to the last detail, from cockpits to landing gear, from radar to engine, from air-frame to weapons.
All major variants are covered including the Mirage 2000E, Mirage 2000-5 and Mirage 2000D in service with all major Mirage 2000 users around the globe.
This is the ONLY publication in the world detailing the French jet down to the last detail including all modern avionics and weapons!
100 pages with more than 500 photos will satisfy the most demanding modeler and reveal the Mirage’s secrets to the serious aviation enthusiast always with the guaranteed quality of the “Under The Skin” series.
The book will be released on the 23rd of October 2017.

Shipping will be available at begging of November due to the high workload with the model shows but we can accept pre-order by email (no prepayment is required) for stocking the book and have it ready for shipping.    
Book retail price is 30 euros.



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Eagle Aviation Publications is in the honored position to present a new legendary title: "70 years 337 Squadron".

The story of the legendary Air Force Squadron in an epic book.


96 pages of rare historical material and many action photos from F-16 operations. It includes unique descriptions from the protagonists of important historical events such as the creation and action of the "Hellenic Flame", the shoot-down of the Turkish F-102 and the action of the F-4E at the Imia crisis.









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