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Built in a little over three weeks from opening the box. That isn't me showing-off, it's simply a reflection on how well this wee kit goes together and how much I enjoy the subject - Hey it's a first generation Firebird, what's not to love !!

Enough words, here's some photos:








Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment. As ever all criticism, comments and questions are welcome. Next, a refurb... Jeremy Mayfields' '98 Taurus.


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Oooh, that's rather nice Ian, stunning paint job, especially given it's black!

Only possible criticism I might have is that the tyres look a bit shiny in the photos - but that really is picking nits!

Lovely Firebird!!


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Wouldn't disagree with you Keith, next time I have some matt varnish loaded, I'll mist on a coat. That'll also take the chrome trims down a little which is more 'in scale'.

Stay tuned for a refurbished NASCAR coming very soon and something new wearing 'your' decals in the New Year.



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