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F-14 bombcat

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Pics to follow as soon as i figure out how to host / post them on here, i have recently started the Academy 1:48 f-14 bombcat

Having caught the modelling bug again, and realising i hadnt actually made a model for almost 20 years i had a practice on a jaguar and an a-10 now making my way through this beasty, and my word its a beast. Having been to numerous airshows as a kid with my dad, i doted on this plane and was lucky enough to see them at Mildenhall air fete numerous times, good times

Currently whilst typing this and going over my notes i am rather ashamed to say im also watching top gun. :shutup:

Im using vallejo paints, as well as humbrol enamels and rather hilariously Games Workshop citadel colors and washes, the nuln oil is a particular favourite.

As with every seasoned model maker im using the instruction sheet " more as a guideline " lol

And as always with my models, im using some poetic license/ wiff to certain areas- mostly pilot/rio and ejector seats

to be continued

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