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1/72 - Bombardier Challenger CL601, C143A/CL604 by Big Planes Kits (BPK) - released - CL605 in progress - Amodel CL600 boxing


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Niiiiiice!!! I have a couple spare sets of decals from the 1/72nd Leading Edge resin kit which includes an RCAF and West German Luftwaffe examples!!

Will there be versions with the different engines???

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Bummer, I really wanted a Canadair Challenger...

1/72 is very welcome, but I am surprised to see them consider 1/144. Outside of the early engines, I think Revell has that scale covered.


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What about British version?

Whats the difference?? :mental::shrug: Is there a British version ...other than a civvy reg! If one is thinking about the Sentinel that is a bigger beast!

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Wow that's good to know since 2016 is only 6 days away!!! Kidding....

I love the fact that an interior is included!! Looks familiar, I think I sat on the couch on my trip on a 'family' model!

About the versions? The first CAD rendering shows a later version tail cone with the older engines. Is the tail cone a separate part to model different variants. Just to note Canada had 3 versions of the Challenger; second prototype (looks just like older bird but had no interior), the early birds - engines as above with short tailcone, and the later a/c with newer engines and long tailcone. The second version was split between passenger birds and EW birds.

Is the kit going to be similar to the RJs with resin and etch parts??


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Short-fuselage Challenger variants are the CL.600 with the early engine nacelles and short tailcone. Winglets were not fitted, but after the debut of the 601, were added as an aftermarket option which many owners chose. CL.601 with later nacelles, winglets and short tailcone, and the CL.604, which had the later nacelles, winglets and a long "screwdriver" tailcone. The Challenger 605 and 650 variants are externally identical to the 604. Since the Revell kit is a 604, it's an excellent opportunity to see the others available in 1/144. Given that the Leading Edge kit is long extinct, it's also great to see in 1/72 :)

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