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Modelling Tools - Tweezers/Drill/Saw - Revell


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Modelling Tools


Which modeller can not say they need tools, and who is not always looking for better and different tools to help us out? Here Revell bring us three different tool sets under their brand name.

This pack contains 3 sets of pretty standard tweezers. Two standard positive pressure sets, one with angled ends. Also included is one set of negative pressure tweezers (ie you have to pinch to let the part go). These are all fairly standard items and I would be as bold as to say there are better items available on the market. There is nothing wrong with them though.

Modellers drill
This again is much like a standard pin vice drill we see. Inside the main body is the vice part which has two different ends for different diameter bits. There is a good ergonomic handle on the back end, with space inside to store bits if needed. This drill comes with 3 drill bits.

Saw Blades and Handle
This tool is a good idea as the saw blades click into and are held in place by the handle and not as usual where they are trapped by friction inside a normal blade handle. With the proper handle it feels like you have more control over the cutting operation. 3 different blades are included with the handle.

The first two sets are fairly pedestrian, however the Saw Blades and handle are much more positive. Overall recommended.

Revell model kits & Tools are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit

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