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Warhammer 40K Imperial Knight, All done

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Hi folk,

Here's a look at the Warhammer plastic Imperial Knight model kit.

This is not a cheap model at around the £95 mark but it does contain alot of parts.

The version I treated myself to includes the Knight Warden parts for carapace mounted weaponry. I'm not a gamer but I do think this version looks cool.

My model will be fitted out with the gatling cannon, Thunderstrike gauntlet and a rocket/missile pod along with the usual heavy stubber and flamers.

There is a neat decal sheet in the box which carries markings for some of the noble houses and Knights featured in the Codex but I suspect my version will be more of a "Freeblade" where the builder is free to make things up as they go along.

I have n't found a huge number of on-line builds so thought I'd pop a few photos up as I go along to give everyone an idea of how it looks.

I'm following the build sequence which begins with the feet and legs.



I'm employing a whole range of techniques on this project and letting my imagination run riot which is alot of fun.



Almost all of the Knights that I've seen have natural metal undrecarriage with some painted accents on the toes. I have chosen to paint the leg/feet assembly and adopt some armour modelling weathering techniques to give this build more of alternative style.



The plastic is well detailled and fits together beautifully. This is a new release so there is virtually no flash and little seam clean-up so far.

Some of these workings will be hidden by the add-on armour panels but even so, I opted to perform some extra work.

All of those pistons and rams are crying out for real chrome so I wrapped them in kitchen foil with the shiny side out. This had a wash over it to give that glossy oiled effect.





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I'm really looking forward to this! The kit is superb- I have one myself and it puts more established manufacturers to shame, from the quality and detail on each individual piece, through the flawless fit to the clear and instantly comprehensible instructions. The decals are extensive and varied, there's a huge amount of scope for personalisation, although some don't quite fit their intended position (sharp blade to remove the overlap sorts things out nicely).

Mostly what's got me excited is seeing how a 'real' modeller approaches the project. The (many) completed Knights I've seen are either done by gamers, with some obvious nods to practicality in pose, finish etc, or by pro artists, all trying to outdo each other in their commissions, highlighting the latest trend in brushwork or technique. There aren't many that look like walking tanks! While I'm all for the first group- this is, ultimately, meant to be a gaming accessory- the second lot leave me cold. They're so busy showing off they're missing the whole point of the thing. It's a gothic take on the mech theme, which you've really nailed so far. I can hardly wait for the rest! :winkgrin:

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I've got both versions of this kit so will watch this closely for tips and insperation. Those hydraulic rams look great. I also agree with all that oileanach says above. I've thought of doing one of mine 'tanky' and the other shiney and more 'heraldic' with various siphers etc.

Keep it Comming and look forward to seeing this progress 👍



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Hi guys,

Many thanks for the kind words, glad you like things thus far.

I spent a bit of time making a base for the model yesterday using the large plastic oval as a starting point. I've glued some slate to the base and whizzed over it with some brown/tan spray cans. Eventually I can see me using the airbrush and some dry brushing to lift the texture a bit. I might even look for any weird plant stuff in and around the garden to add a bit of visual interest.

The seed pods on ivy look pretty unusual when viewed up close.

Currently working on the leg armour which is a blast. Lots of colours to consider but that is a double edged sword. I would like the finished model to be pleasing on the eye without being gaudy. Keep watching to see how succesful I've been.

(I'm away until the end of the week so there won't be any updates until then).

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Hi gang,

I've managed a bit of time at the bench and finished the leg armour.

These thick, supplemental plates attach to points on the legs and waist.



The markings represent Imperial houses amongst other things. I've loosely followed the Codex but without worrying too much about the correct shades of colour.

Many builds show these armour plates as pristeen but I wanted to try to depict some kind of scarring that may have occured during forays and battle.

You will probably also notice the base. This is slate, glued to the base and sprayed brown/sand.



Most of the markings are decals which are streets ahead of the older GW decals in terms of quality. The only marking that I've hand painted so far is the black cross on the white knee plate.



The waist plate is often completely coloured but I decided to leave the edges gold. By chance this gave a neat "enamelled" effect.

With this sub-section out of the way I shall move on to the upper body which is quite a complex component.


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Hi gang.

As I mentioned, the upper body and torso is quite a complex affair. Although there are n't many actual components, each one has a wealth of surface detail that needs some work to bring out.



There is still plenty more to do as some weaponry hangs off this plus a shield and the upper limbs of course.







As with the legs, I've chosen to weather this component quite heavily. I'm enjoying the freedom that building a fantasy project allows.





Finally for this update a look at the head.

I did some work on this just for fun but to be truthful, very little of what I've done will be seen.

I drilled out the molded-in eye lenses and replaced them with slivers of aluminium tube topped off with irridescent film under blue tinted plastic from packaging.



With the head painted I can begin the visor and top cover and work on the chest plate before tackling the carapace.

Cheers for now.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Hunter Rose, many thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you like it so far.

I hope everyone's holiday season is going well. I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year at this point.

Progress on the Imperial Knight continues.

I was eager to begin work on the large areas of colour on the shoulder pads so I pressed on with that whilst working on the arms and weaponry at the same time.

I also finished his face plate and I've done some work on his head armour but I need to finish the weathering on that before I can call it done.



You may notice that I added the tabard too. This has decals placed over painted squares to simulate embroidery or similar. Lots of pastel dust to make it appear dirty.



There is an armour plate that mounts on top of the gun barrel close to the shield but I intend to paint that at the same time as the carapace. (forgot to do it with these parts!).



Plenty of chipping at the rear painted rotary portion to suggest a battle worn gun. It's difficult to see with the shoulder pad in place but I painted light blue and white diagonal warning stripes around the arm mounting collar then weathered it in a similar way to the exhaust guards. The stripes are more apparent at the top of the ring (where they can't be seen.....doh! )





I've begun work on the left arm too. In particular I wanted to see what the power gauntlet looked like.








So next time I hope to have the left arm finished and perhaps have started work on the carapace. I'm procrastinating on that because I can't decide whether to just go for an all over dark blue scheme or add chevrons/stripes etc. If I do go with a striped scheme, what colours would look best? Hmm, decisions, decisions.....

Bye for now, cheers.

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Thanks Jockster. Thrilled that you're enjoying it so far.

I managed to complete the work on the left arm over the last few days which allowed me to move on to some smaller details.


There should be a small shield on mounted on the arm but somehow I've lost it. I could have tried to scratch build a replacement but instead opted to fabricate a couple of bent mounting brackets, suggesting that the shield might have been ripped off in combat.....(that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Here's what I've been up to.


The armour over the gun barrel and the tilting shield are untouched kit parts.

On the heavy stubber I sliced off the molded on targetting lens and made a new one out of some irridescent foil, micro-tubing and a punched disc of thin blue acetate from packaging. I drilled out and hollowed the end of the blast tube and inserted a replacement gun barrel from more micro-tubing.


I made my own handles from micro-tubing and wire to replace the heavy kit items. Here's a close up of the carapace which shows some of the weathering and scarring to good effect.


Another close up showing the scratch-built glazing in the access door.


I sanded a piece of scrap resin to shape then used it to plunge form some clear acetate from packaging. As an experiment I held some irridescent material underneath the acetate as I heated it and formed the dome.

This took on the same shape which gives a neat and unusual appearance that I could n't manage with paint alone.

Finally for this update a look at the replacement exhaust vents in the carapace armour.


I can see that I need to re-visit these as I've damaged them slightly during paint.

I wanted more of an armour feel to these engine covers rather than the large slots that are molded into the kit part . To that end I used some mesh (from an Eduard 1/72nd scale Chinook etched set) to craft these new versions. These were cut to shape then super glued in but, It was fiddly work and probably not worth the effort in hindsight. I'm thinking my next one will retain the kit parts.

Also, the clear varnish has collected in some of the mesh and blocked it. Thankfully it's not quite as obvious in r/l as it is in these images.

So to close this update I'll add a couple of images of where we're at right now.





This build is drawing to a close with only a couple of small details and the rocket pod to complete.

The next update may well be in RFI but if anyone has any suggestions or feedback I'd be very happy to hear it before I finish. Thanks for stopping by.


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Wow, that's incredible.... Has to be the best i have seen. It's an expensive model but well worth if you can paint like that. I was in my local GW store last week (my lad was painting some of his Age of Sigmar set) and i was looking at the one they had on display - It's actually quite a large model isn't it.

I've been eyeing up the Glottkin from the end times range, looks superb but not sure if i can stump up £66 for one figure, my painting skills aren't quite up to it yet..

Thanks for sharing, have you shown any other figure on here?


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Hi Nick, thank you very much for your kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and I'm thrilled that you like this.

Oh wow! That Glottkin miniature is astonishing. I have to admit to being a bit squeamish when it comes to Nurgle. Some of the GW painted figures are so good they actually make me feel queasy!

I prefer Khorne to the othes

I've put up a couple of smaller figures on BM if I recall.

A Daemon Prince: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234963897-warhammer-40k-daemon-prince/?hl=%2Bdaemon+%2Bprince

Also Be'lakor, Daemon Prince: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/31276-gamesworkshop-figure/?hl=%2Bchaos+%2Bdemon#entry337303

There's also these: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/57500-games-workshop/?hl=hammerhead

Tau Hammerhead and Imperial Guard Leman Russ.

Hope you like them too.

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Wow, those are very very good!

I'm helping my lad paint his Sigmar set at the mo, but i reckon i'm going to build up a small-ish army of my own, some of the GW stuff is very cool. Thanks for sharing, i'll be sure to keep an eye out if you post anymore.


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Simply incredible!

I really like the idea of painting the sub frame in the main armour colour. I have both versions of this kit in the stash and will be referring back to this thread for ideas and inspiration when the time come :winkgrin:



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i reckon i'm going to build up a small-ish army of my own, some of the GW stuff is very cool.


I agree Nick ,some of their stuff is very cool. I like alot of the Forgeworld stuff too but it's much more expensive and because it's resin it's harder to work with. Money no object, I'd be buying one of the Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord Titans http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-GB/Warhammer-40-000?N=102580+4294965724Ν=product.repositoryId&qty=8&sorting=rec&view=table&categoryId=cat2140034

but at over £1200 a pop you'd have to be pretty wealthy to afford one.

Imagine the fun painting that beast though........

On a more modest note, I always fancied this figure http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-GB/Bloodthirster-Greater-Daemon-of-Khorne

but it's currently out of stock and GW no longer produce a plastic version for some reason.

Hi Steve, glad you like it. Thanks for your kind words. I hope you'll share any progress here.

I'd like to do at least one more but more of a showy colour scheme. Probably Adeptus Mechanicus aligned in red with black and yellow hazard stripes/chevrons. Not sure whether to paint the chassis/skeleton in the same colour as the armour like this one or go with bare metal for the next one.

Thanks again guys.


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Blimey, that Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord Titan - :wow:

I wonder how many they have sold? And i thought the fincast Smaug GW made was expensive at £250..... If only for that lottery win eh.

Well i've decided to start collecting an army, after painting a few Sigmar figures this weekend i can see myself really enjoying the painting aspect, and then of course i can play them against my lad with his army. My mojo for aircraft and tanks has fizzled out and this might be the distraction i need. (plus i used to collect/play when i was a lot younger so it's a nice bit of nostalgia for me).

I've just won one of these on ebay for a very small sum - 99800201025_FestusLeechlord01.jpg

And i'm going to pick up one of these next week -


Should keep me going for a while...... Mind if i pick your brains regarding paints? I.e Layers, base, glazes, etc etc..?


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