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Hasegawa S-3A Lockheed Viking 1/72

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Just finished this little Viking from the Hasegawa kit from 1987, OOB.

Really enjoyed this build. Nice little kit despite the age.

My first bit of serious re-scribing of the upper wing surfaces. Turned out a little trench like but have to start somewhere (the Airfix Vulcan awaits in the stash!)

No real fit issues other than the wing roots, but slow, gradual gluing with superglue did the trick and filled the gaps. The top front and rear edges of the wing/fuselage also needed a bit of filling. Found the instructions a little vague in a couple of places, but plenty of reference material out there including a walkround on here.

I used the decals from the box although i did have the Cam decals set, but I have the same in 1/48 for my Esci kit, so didn't want to use the same scheme, so those decals are available if anyone wants to buy them. I've still alot of progress to make on canopy masking and painting, always feel let down by the results.

The Hasegawa decals went on ok, only a couple of breaks but went back together nicely with Microset.

Was pleased with the weathering effect even if it probably doesn't suit this scheme, but have a shot of a very patchy grey low vis scheme on which it would have looked good.

Would certainly recommend the kit if you come across it.














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Hello,Sailorboy61 - My compliments to you on a fine looking build of your 'Viking'.I love the quality and detail of the paint and finishing work and she looks resplendent in your chosen scheme.All the best,Paul.

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