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Ebbro Citroen 2CV Fourgonnette

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Ok so I decided it best to finish off this build, seeing as it's a Christmas present for a friend.

I started the build in September but by early October it was officially stalled.

The large gap between the cabin and rear load area floor is liveable but the ill fitting windows chipped away the paint and also I dropped a small dot of glue onto one of the rear ones, which of course has fogged one side of it. That was the point I cried enough. Considering the reputation of Ebbro and the fineness of the Tamiya kit upon which this kit is based, add to that the cost of it. I was thoroughly disappointed with the kit as a whole. It truly felt like a cheap transkit.

Upon restating the build I went in with a clear mind and finished it within a week. Testament to how close I was to finishing it the first time around. But again the exhaust system doesn't fit. However it'll likely go unnoticed by my friend, and is destined to adorn a shelf without much further inspection once the initial unwarping upon Christmas morning is dispensed with.

Anyway I've probably made the kit sound a lot worse than it is but I defo wont be buying another. I was looking at getting the pickup version when it's released but I'd rather my money go to Beemax or Bellkits who are bringing out excellent kits and deserve to know so lol.

Anywho, Pics ahoy:








TTFN Ashley.

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Thanks guys but this is the better side lol.

Yeah I've been playing around with where I take the pics. I took these quick snaps after the final assembly on the kitchen worktop. Before adding the number plates I might add lol.

My original plan for this was to be an ice cream van. Paint it off white and make some signs for the sides. "Billy's creamy servings, Ice Cream"

Then I painted it Ford Wedgwood blue coz i didn't have a suitable off white paint lol.


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