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1/48 Ta-152H - J. Keil, April 1945

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11 minutes ago, SafetyDad said:

C'est extraordinaire Romain







Merci 😉

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Hi Romain

I had a look at your in-progress shots, and they look way a Ta152 should look; absolutely gorgeous. This is top notch work sir.I tip my hat to you.   

BTW I read Willy Reschke biography a couple of years back and this plane saved his life; if he had been flying the Fw190A8/ A9 he wouldn’t have made it to April ’45.


Anyhow it is nice to see these older Dragon kits getting some of the love they deserve . For a very long time there in the early days of the Internet Dragon was king of the kits. I am in the process of finishing up the Dragon Me262 and apart form the lack of leading edge slats it’s a great kit.  


Looking forward to seeing more of your work,



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The level of detail is amazing, especially how you detailed the underside colours and the topside colours. This would probably have been something I would have forgot to add. 


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