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Revell Starter Kits Star wars

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Long time no post.

Has any one got, and started work on the new Revell starter Kits for Star Wars, VII The force awakens. Family is bugging me for X-mas gift ideas. Of course im not gonna use the paint brushes from the kits but the paints and kits look quite nice.

nice to get back on BM after so long away at work.

Mad Larkin

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Thnx MadMonk, Mike hadnt reviewed the exact ones i was looking for, but i did find them in there.

hopefully getting a couple of the level 3 kits for x-mas.

which i will build OOB and possibly if i can talk the missus into letting me borrow her nice camera, and do a build thread for them. but that will be after the big move in the new year.

Mad Larkin

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