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The Royal Naval Air Service At War; Philip Jarrett & Jack Meadows

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Does anyone know if 'The Royal Naval Air Service At War' by Philip Jarrett & Jack Meadows was ever published?

It was going to be published by Flight Recorder Publications Ltd in 2007, but it seems that although retailers like Amazon and Waterstones generated pages for customers to order it (e.g. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Royal-Naval-Air-Service-War/dp/0955426804), the book never reached the shelves.

Has another publisher picked up the rights?



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Pen and Sword just emailed info on the RNAS in First World War (Jarret) Nov 30- 2015 as being available is this what you are after? MODeller

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I don't think so. The P&S book appears to be a collection of original documents from the time, where as I thought the Flight Recorder book was new material. (I could be wrong though). Mr Jarret would, of course, know.

I've now emailed Pen & Sword to find out....

Edited by detail is everything
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I've since heard back from Philip Jarret....

The book just published by Pen & Sword is his part of the book originally intended to be published by Flight Recorder Publications. Barry Ketley, who was originally to publish the combined efforts of Jack Meadows and Philip Jarret, never got round to completing the job, before he died. Jack Meadows also subsequently died.

Having retrieved some of his material just in time, Mr Jarret signed a new contract with Pen & Sword, and the book just released is the result.

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