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Eduard 1/72 Mig-15bis - North Korea

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Hello everyone! Here are a couple shots of my recently finished Eduard 1/72 Mig 15bis from the Royal Class kit. Finished OOB except for the ariel wire, and glued to the base because silly me didn't put enough nose weight in. Finished with Tamiya spraycans.

Please let me know what you think, I'm always open to new ideas!



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Very, very nice Mig, again I love the camouflage scheme- it suits the aircraft. It's a little cracker you have built there- nice one 👍👍

As a side note, I have fond memories of the Mig 15 - a Polish Lim 20, which is now displayed as a Korean jet at Yeovilton. This aircraft was displayed at Finningley air show, having hitched a ride under a chinook from A.F. Budge's yard at Retford.

Post show it came, once more by Chinook, back to Gamston airport, where for 2-3 weeks RAF fitters had great difficulty trying to remove the wing bolts as a couple of them had seized.

After that, it sat in the hangar,disassembled, but on one occasion I had great delight showing a passenger around it for half an hour prior to him and his colleague flying to Paris for a rock concert.

The passenger was none other than Rick Parfitt- yep Status Quo had performed at Sheffield City Hall the night before and then an onward flight to Paris to perform there.

Oh Happy days!!👍👍

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Very neat ,about nose weights ,the one is my Airfix 1.72 Mig 15 came loose ,if i shake it you can hear it rattling around inside. :banghead:

Well known issue. My P-38 rattles like a rattlesnake. Fortunately it only sits on a shelf.
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