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De Havilland MEGA Group Build Chat


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Date: 18 February to 25 June 2017


** We have joined forces with the Mosquito STGB. All entries for the STGB will now be included in the De Havilland Group Build. Mosquitos will have a separate Gallery for completed builds**


I am proposing a De Havilland Group Build for 2017.

This would cover the full range of DH aircraft, from bi-planes through to the jet age.

To whet your appetite a few classics are the DH Moths, Dragon Rapide, Mosquito, Comet, Trident, Sea Vixen and Venom!



The Statistics as of 24/06/2017


Bellow is a list of DH Aircraft types. This is not a complete list, it just shows the main types, not every variant. I have highlighted the aircraft we currently have represented in the GB. This is purely for reference, if you want to enter an aircraft that is already highlighted please continue to do so, more the merrier! 

Thus far we have 96 entries, spread over 26 Aircraft types. Mosquitos are the most popular with 34 entries, followed by 15 Vampires/VampireTrainers. The galleries have 55 completed builds (23 of which are Mosquitos). That is a completion rate of 57.3%.







Piston-engined monoplanes


de Havilland Technical School designs


Civil and military jet transports


Military jets


Experimental aircraft




DHC Aircraft

  • DHC-1 Chipmunk
  • DHC-2 Beaver
  • DHC-3 Otter
  • DHC-4 Caribou 
  • DHC-5 Buffalo
  • DHC-6 Twin Otter
  • DHC-7 Dash 7
  • DHC-8 Dash 8


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Count me in, I have a few DH types.

Would it include DHC off shoot aircraft? Dash 8, Caribou, Otter, etc?

Thanks for joining.

It would be a yes from me. Mish is the GB goddess though, so if it gets her backing it's a definite yes.

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Yes please!

One of my half dozen 1/48 Mossies or a Heritage 1/48 Comet might finally get built or perhaps that Air Craft Models 1/72 Albatross.

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Count me in. I have a Magna Models conversion somewhere for a TT Mosquito. Challenging and turns a beauty into an ugly duckling. But hey this is meant to be fun.

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