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De Havilland Mosquito Gb ?


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Its decided then. I have three kits two Tamiya a B.IV and FB.VI plus the Airfix one all to 1/72. An excuse for me to do another Canadian Civilian one using the Whiskey Jack/Thunderbird decals for one and Aviaeology for a Coastal Command one.

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I'm in!

Time to finally build that 1/48 Tamiya BIV with a bulged bomb and a Cookie on a trolley.


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I built the Matchbox Mossie a few decades ago, and have the Paragon Highball conversion to go into a Revell one. And a couple of different decal options in the decal stash, too - Luftwaffe Mosquito, anyone?

Count me in.

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List please :)

Hi Mish. The list as far as Rob was on page 2. But here it is with Col. added:

1/ Tempestmk5

2/ Arniec

3/ PlaStix

4/ Vppelt68

5/ Wyverns4

6/ Mish

7/ Paul J

8/ Black Knight

9/ DAG058 (?)

10/ PhantomBigStu (?)

11/ Bonhoff

12/ Robert Stuart

13/ JLRX

14/ Trojan Thunder

15/ Feoffee2

16/ Mark

17/ AndyC

18/ stevehnz

19/ franky boy

20/ Greg Destec

21/ Rob85

22/ Dermo245

24/ 59North

25/ Blitz23


27/ Stew Dapple

28/ Rob G

29/ Col.

Kind regards,


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Yes! Tried to avoid signing up for yet another GB but there's a couple in the stash that really do deserve to be built.

Good afternoon Col

Welcome aboard

And don't worry this Gb will begin in 2017 if nothing goes wrong untill that ..


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