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Here is the only C-79 in the USAAF inventory (as far as I know)

The model is the old Airfix Junkers Ju52 with new engines from Flightpath and propellers from the new Airfix C-47.

As the engines were made for the DC-2/DC-3 they had to be modified to fit the Ju52.

It had flown for a couple of South American airlines before being confiscated by Peruvian government in 1941.
It was later acquired by the USAAF as war prize and got new engines, instruments and radio among other changes.
It was used in the Panama Canal Zone, in service with the USAAF 20th Transportation Squadron, Sixth Air Force.

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Hi Orso

This one looks wonderful in this markings as many have not known about this version/conversion. Iliked a lot the way you have finished yours, and without a doubt this one will be a nice looking contestant in any tables and make thinking many people about the nice chances to make different looking planes using traditional available kits with little work in them.

I have read something before and now, watching your nice work as a guide for sure many of us can make a very special rendition of a very different Tante Ju variant.

I have found these links to guide about something more about the plane with a little History about:




IF ANYONE can give more info about it, it willbe thanked very much!!!

Thank you very much for sharing,


Luis Alfonso

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I like this one a lot,.....great stuff. I quite fancy doing a similar job to make a SAAF aircraft or even one of the many Ju 52?3m`s flown by the RAF.



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