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"Pin-Up" no.1,"Marylin", Master Box, 1/24

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This is the first of the Pin-Up series from Master Box, no 24001, "Marylin." There are six in the range now, but she's the most "civilian" -- the others are more "Stars and Stripes" cover girls. I think she'll make a handy display accessory!




And with a paint pot for scale:




Mostly painted with Citadel colours, with my first airbrushed flesh tones -- although a lot of brush work over the top...



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Excellent work with very natural skin tones.

And it was just yesterday I looked at this kit in a model shop and thought "No, it's expensive for a single figure that could be rubbish". You've made it look like an absolute bargain ☺.

But it looks more like Vera Lynn than Marilyn to my eyes...

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OK, now would you please tell us where did you get that giant Tamiya paint pot?!? :gobsmacked: I can't believe she's that small :worthy:


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